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Fuck With Me
Fuck With Me
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Anonymous asked: You act as if it's the first time anyone has ever given you shit, I highly doubt that


I don’t really get shit because I don’t give shit, unlike you. Now can u pls stop being annoying thanks


when someone talks shit to you


@ the anon, with love 

(Source: responds, via demonsandacid)

Anonymous asked: I wasn't referring to your text post, but nice try. And yeah, sounds like you're very humble. Why don't you 'sit your ass down' and be a little less sensitive and aggressive about someone's opinion. Shows how 'butthurt' you are.


The fact that you’re still arguing with me about your “opinion”, which you are entitled to but i frankly dont care about because its wrong, actually shows how “butthurt” you are.

Anonymous asked: Yeahhhh okay, I wasn't referring to your text post, but nice try.


Doesnt really matter what you’re referring too because you’re argument is invalid. 

Anonymous asked: You seem like the most self consumed, empty headed asshole... Get over yourself. And treat women like humans instead of sex objects.


Awwww is somebody a little butthurt over a fuckin text post. You poor baby. And FYI, i respect women a lot, am humble, and way smarter than you probably are lol so why dont ya sit ya ass down and go make something out of your life tyvm. 


If you marry me, I’m going to purposely get you mad just so we can have make-up sex. 

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